I am a retired registered nurse.I enjoy learning history,different styles,terminology of middle eastern/oriental/tribal fusion dance.I love the traditional egypt/arabic music,but I really love to put on my workout costumes and dance. I now own a real costume or two,and am learning in spite of not being able to find a teacher within 100 miles. Till i do, I have done a lot of self research online and through use of dvd instuction. I subscribed through google reader to several good links to blogspots by pro dancers ,who have graciously given me a lot of knowledge. I have learned a lot on this quest. There are bloggers who post videos of performances at world and their local competitions. They share from their mistakes,as well as their victories. They are a like mentors and readily take newcomers in to their world and are not threatened, but delighted to have eager followers, who have so much in common, but on occasion,from a different background or culture. I have learned to appreciate the versatility of the art.Old,with traditional ties that should be preserved,but at the same time welcome evolving styles with the expression of the youths’ music tastes. Through my quest, I have a new appreciation for the hip-hop dance moves. Dancers like”Rachel Brice”,who practice a belly that dances,with a style that captures the audience.Princess Fharana,whose roots in theater and cabaret style bellydance,though famous, has a heart of gold and realizes there are those who have no access to classes.She blogs a world of info and shares her own performances on downloadable videos. There are costume blogs,history blogs. I will leave links so readers may access these feeds with no timw wasted. They all have listings on their sites. I am working on being one of those. I really love what this has done for my abs. Yoga,pushups,pilates,diet,aerobics ,I love it all, but this put 10# of muscle in my tummy after age 50,with right diet i can see my 2-4-workin on 6 pack of strong, feminine muscle. Bellydance also preserves our womanly curves,of course unless you happen to be a traditional male dancer and yes, they do exist.Quite impressive in their attire. And the shopping online, it tookresearch, but i found some great costume makers online, and they won’ t break the budget.My advice, read bellydance blogs,like shira.com, free magazine included,and watch utube expert village teaching videos,download,for reference,watch and put on some music,if you want bellydance music and freestyle a while for aerobics,put on shorts,danskins,and t exposing midriff,get in front of that mirror and practice what they teach.If you want you can get costumes later or sewers, you can get creative-cheap,but beading decor can be tricky. My next blog will have photos of what I found online. I found goddess-Dolphina dvd for beginning moves and steps at the whole food market chain and ranias’ workout has a lot of tummy work to mold those muscles.hen I started.I felt so awkward,a few months later,after doing pop,locks, rolls waitin in lines,it is actually moving, my belly is starting to dance.My flutters are more effective,my secret,practicing harmonica.I play my acoustic guitar and sing. I ride a harley, have since age 17yo,I was married to a really great guy for 25 yrs,I became a widow in 05. This has helpes me land on my feet and is great therapy for PTSD,a stress disorder I deal with. So ,dance,dance,dance,and,HAVE A HAUNTINGLY¬† HAPPY HALLOWEEN!BON VOYAGE,GYPSY.


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